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Picor Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators from Vicor Corporation Named One of the 2012 Hot 100 Products by UBM Tech’s EDN

Incorporating ZVS topology into a buck regulator dramatically improves system performance


Andover, MA – December 5, 2012 – Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced that EDN has named its Picor® Cool-Power® ZVS buck regulators as one of the ―100 Hot Products of 2012. The 2012 EDN Hot 100 highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products of the year based on innovation, significance, usefulness, and popularity.


The integration of a high performance Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) topology within the PI33XX series of Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators enhances point of load DC-DC regulation, providing best in class power efficiency for wide Vin operation. The ZVS topology enables high power density and high-frequency operation that maximizes efficiency by minimizing the significant switching losses associated with conventional hard-switching buck regulators. The PI33XX series can support high performance conversions with large step down ratios up to the rated input voltage of 36V, which enables system designers to deploy more efficient power distribution schemes that rely on a higher input voltage source. Additionally, Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators are the only buck regulators in their class to offer an optional I2C extended fault telemetry capability allowing for six distinct types of fault reporting.


"EDN’s selection of our PI33XX Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators as part of its 2012 Hot 100 Products index, coupled with the high level of customer interest in these new products, further validates the benefits of our ZVS regulator platform, enabling system designers to deploy more efficient power distribution schemes that operate from a higher voltage input source,‖ said Robert Gendron, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Vicor. ―Integrating a ZVS soft switching topology within a point of load buck regulator creates a new performance standard for the industry. Coupled with Vicor’s broad range of solutions for power delivery to the board, we are enabling optimal power efficiency throughout the power chain."


"It's always a fun and enlightening challenge for the EDN editors to select the year's Hot 100 products, which has been an annual tradition at EDN since 1993. This year's selection not only reflects some technology trends that have been in place for a while, but also highlights some new trends that are just emerging, as well as a unique product or two that is in a class of its own,‖ said Rich Pell, Executive and Chief Technical Editor, EDN."


The complete list of EDN’s Hot 100 products can be found online at or within the December 14, 2012 issue of EDN Magazine.
For more information about the Picor Cool-Power ZVS buck regulators, visit Vicor’s website.
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