Environmental Safety and Health

Vicor Corporation is committed to its employees, customers, and the communities that host its facilities, to conduct its business with respect, care and commitment to continuous improvement. Vicor believes that sound environmental, health, and safety practices are essential to an efficient operation. Additionally, Vicor has a strong performance record with respect to its Environment, Safety and Health programs and performance.


Energy Conservation
Vicor Corporation has actively implemented various energy conservation projects that have resulted in annual savings of over 6,000,000 Kilowatt hours and has implemented more than 30 projects over the last 15 years. Five projects undertaken in 2014 and 2015 saved an estimated 500,000 kWh.


Scope 1 + 2 GHGs
Starting in 2015, Vicor reported its greenhouse gas emissions to the CDP. By continuing to undertake energy conservation projects as noted above, the goal is to use energy more efficiently and potentially reduce energy consumption while allowing the business to seek growth opportunities.


Waste Management and Recycling
Vicor has an active waste management and recycling program. Over 440,000 pounds (220 tons) of material was recycled in 2015; 22 tons of which was diverted from the waste stream. Recycled materials include items such as cardboard and paper, scrap metal, scrap materials and equipment, production waste, hazardous waste, etc.


  Quality Rich Paulauskas
Vice President of Quality