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Vicor Corporation Expands its Picor Cool-Power ZVS Regulator Portfolio with New Buck-Boost Regulators

New DC-DC buck-boost regulators provide over 200 W and over 98% peak efficiency


Andover, MA – April 14, 2015 – Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today aannounced the expansion of its Picor Cool-Power™ ZVS Point of Load (PoL) Regulator portfolio with the introduction of its new, high efficiency PI3749, PI3751, and PI3755 buck-boost regulators.

  • By minimizing switching losses, Picor’s ZVS topology enables efficiencies over 98% – maintains a high efficiency
    over the specified Vin range
  • High frequency operation (up to 2.5 MHz) enables best in class power density and transient response
  • Easy to use LGA System in Package (SiP), with integrated controller, power switches and support components,
    reduces design risk and speeds time to market

The Picor Cool-Power PI3749 buck-boost regulator covers a wide range of high performance applications including computing, communications, industrial, LED lighting, and battery systems.

  • PI3749 operates from 16 Vin to 34 Vin, regulates an output voltage from 12 V to 34 V and provides output
    current up to 11.5 A for power delivery over 200 W
  • Power delivery can be further increased by using single wire current sharing without any additional components
  • This regulator is packaged in a 10x14x2.5 mm LGA SiP module

The Picor Cool-Power PI3751 and PI3755 buck-boost regulators are designed for Factorized Power Architecture® (FPA®) and work in conjunction with VI Chip® VTM® current multipliers to address high performance point-of-load power delivery to processors (including VR12.5+ compliance) and memory (including DDR3/4 compliance) in server and datacenter applications.

  • Enables 48 V direct to point of load when combined with VTM
  • The PI3751 and PI3755 are packaged in a 10x14x2.5 mm and a 10x10x2.5 mm LGA SiP module, respectively

The PI37XX series expands the portfolio of high performance, high density Picor Cool-Power ZVS PoL Regulators. The entire Cool-Power portfolio is characterized by products that offer benchmark efficiency and density, and are simple to use, accelerating time to market.

Pricing and Availability
The new Picor Cool-Power PI3749 and PI375X buck-boost regulators can be ordered today from Vicor and Vicor authorized distributors. PI37XX pricing starts at $14.50, $18.50, and $14.80 in 1K quantities, respectively, for the PI3749, PI3751, and PI3755. Visit the website for more information. To order, email, call 1-800-735-6200 or visit us at


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