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Isolated DC-DC Converter Modules

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  • Input Voltage: 28V
  • Output Voltage: 12 V
  • Iout Max: 4.17A
  • Power density 105 W/in² & 400 W/in³ (16.5 W/cm² & 25 W/cm³)
  • Very low profile (0.265 in / 6.7 mm)
  • Combines Isolation, Output Regulation & Voltage Transformation into one high density, surface mount Power-System-in-Package (PSiP)
  • Built on proprietary ZVS topology using state-of-the-art technologies to enable switching frequencies in excess of 1 MHz, enabling very small size (0.57in²)
  • Programmable soft-start, remote on/off ENABLE, accurate temperature monitor function
  • Input over-voltage & under-voltage lockout with auto-restart.
  • Over-temperature and output over-voltage protection with auto-restart
  • Dual current limit threshold to protect against short circuits and overload conditions
  • Simple solution with very few external components
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