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380 Vdc Distribution to the Blade

380 Vdc distribution is quickly gaining ground in data centers and central offices due to difficulties in phase balancing AC power, total cost of ownership (TCO), and system reliability. Vicor's Sine Amplitude Converters (SAC) provides benchmark power density and efficiency and is an enabling technology for this fast growing architecture. Using Vicor technology, power system architects can convert 380 DC to 12 V or 48 V with up to 98% efficiency.

380 Vdc Distribution Blade

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DC Converters – Isolated Regulated

  PRM Module
The PRM® Module is a family of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) buck-boost regulators with a wide range input voltage and a regulated, adjustable output voltage. PRMs can be used stand-alone as non-isolated voltage regulators or combined with VTM current multipliers for an isolated DC-DC solution with higher efficiency and power density than conventional DC-DC converters.


  PRM and VTM
Factorized Power Architecture™ uses PRM buck-boost regulators and VTM current multipliers in a wide range of combinations to provide a complete isolated DC-DC power solution. The separate devices for optimized DC-DC conversion functions of regulation and isolation/transformation provide the highest degree of architectural flexibility of
design while facilitating time to market.



DC Converters – Isolated Fixed Ratio

A Sine Amplitude Converter that offers superior performance, the highest efficiency, and highest power density in the smallest package available. BCMs provide an isolated intermediate bus voltage to power non-isolated PoL (Point-of-Load) converters or serve as an isolated voltage source for ATE, server, telecom, and industrial control applications.



DC Converters – Non-Isolated Regulated – Buck

  Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator
The PI33xx/PI34xx integrates the controller, power switches, and support components all within a high-density, low-profile Land Grid Array (LGA) System-in-Package (SiP) offering low thermal and electrical impedance to the PC board. The PI33xx/PI34xx requires only an external inductor and minimal capacitors to form a complete DC-DC switching-mode buck regulator with no design or settings required for basic operation. The PI33xx also offers a rich feature set allowing for various power options including interleaving multiple buck regulators.