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GaAs Transmitter

Transmitter applications require fast dynamic performance from the power supply that requires significant energy storage. The MIL BCM provides the capability of capacitance multiplication thus reducing the physical size of the capacitance requirement.  Power density is a key feature as well as high reliability.




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DC Converters – Isolated Regulated

The MIL-COTS BCM is a family of isolated DC-DC converters available in 28 V and HVDC models which operate from MIL-STD-704E/F 270 V and deliver an isolated 30.0 – 41.3 Volts for aircraft distributed power applications. The low weight, high efficiency and power density can reduce power system footprint by 40%. The BCM enables system design flexibility and can be paralleled to create multi-kW arrays.


  PRM Module
The PRM® Module is a family of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) buck-boost regulators with a wide range input voltage and a regulated, adjustable output voltage. PRMs can be used stand-alone as non-isolated voltage regulators or combined with VTM current multipliers for an isolated DC-DC solution with higher efficiency and power density than conventional DC-DC converters.


A Sine Amplitude Converter that offers superior performance, the highest efficiency, and highest power density in the smallest package available. BCMs provide an isolated intermediate bus voltage to power non-isolated PoL (Point-of-Load) converters or serve as an isolated voltage source for ATE, server, telecom, and industrial control applications.



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