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High Efficiency Power Conversion

Implementing Vicor’s innovative “Yeaman Topology” provides ATE designers the opportunity to achieve benchmark power-density in a dense, flexible footprint. This high-efficiency approach utilizes a BCM to handle the majority of the power conversion and a series connected factorized power stage (FPA) to provide regulation.pwrchain_comp_yeaman-topology.gif

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DC Converters – Isolated Regulated

  PRM and VTM
Factorized Power Architecture™ uses PRM buck-boost regulators and VTM current multipliers in a wide range of combinations to provide a complete isolated DC-DC power solution. The separate devices for optimized DC-DC conversion functions of regulation and isolation/transformation provide the highest degree of architectural flexibility of
design while facilitating time to market.



DC Converters – Isolated Fixed Ratio

A Sine Amplitude Converter that offers superior performance, the highest efficiency, and highest power density in the smallest package available. BCMs provide an isolated intermediate bus voltage to power non-isolated PoL (Point-of-Load) converters or serve as an isolated voltage source for ATE, server, telecom, and industrial control applications.