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Modular power components meet the demands of rail applications

Modern rail infrastructure requires a wide range of DC-DC converters to power a variety of new services for both freight and commuter markets. Commuter rail systems require mobile office communication capabilities with the infotainment capabilities of home. Freight rail systems require monitoring and control capabilities to assure the safe and timely delivery of all goods onboard, while both commuter and freight systems demand reliable and high-performance power systems for the necessary safety and security measures (onboard and at station). 

Vicor modular power components and complete power systems are used by customers throughout the world to create solutions for a wide variety of railway applications. Our long, successful record supporting customers in this demanding market, our understanding of standards and regulations, and our comprehensive range of modular converters and accessory products makes Vicor the ideal choice for your next design.

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The cornerstone of Vicor DC-DC rail products is the ChiP DCM 
The ChiP (Converter housed in Package) DCM is an isolated, regulated DC-DC converter module that can operate from an unregulated, wide-range input to generate an isolated DC output. With its high-frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across its entire input voltage range. The Vicor family of DC-DC converter modules (DCM) addresses many requirements in rail applications, particularly the 100VIN 3623 ChiP. With a wide 43 – 154V input voltage range targeted at rail applications using 72 or 110V nominal voltages. This family builds on the proven track record of Vicor in the rail industry by providing power conversion for a wide variety of systems, from embedded computer systems to information displays. With efficiencies approaching 93% and power densities of up to 653W/in3, this new series offers engineers the capability of using compact regulated DC-DC converters for multiple nominal input voltages utilized by the rail and other industries, reducing the number of parts that need to be supported.
Vicor DCMs for rail applications
Nominal Input Voltage Input Voltage Range Maximum Power Output Voltages Example Applications
100V 43 – 154V 240W 3.3 – 48V

Railway Information Display

Information Displays

Railway Electric Door Openers

Electric Door Openers

Railway Lighting


24V 18 – 36V 320W 3.3 – 48V

Railway train controls

Engine Controls

Railway Motor Drive Controllers

Motor Drive Controllers

Railway Braking System

Braking Systems

28V 16 – 50V 320W
30V 9 – 50V 160W
48V 36 – 75V 320W 3.3 – 48V

Railway Embedded Computer Systems

Embedded Computer

Railway Ticketing System

Ticketing Machines



270V 160 – 420V 500W
275V 120 – 420V 375W
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Vicor CHiP DCMs

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