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EMI challenges and troubleshooting techniques 

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Register for this free webinar

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 1 PM EST



Without proper consideration, EMI can derail projects and create costly delays. With a real-world troubleshooting example, you will learn about basic EMI measurement, common and differential noise sources and identification methods, conducted EMI pre-compliance testing, layout issues, etc.

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About the presenter

Photo of Chris Swartz

Chris Swartz

Senior Principal Engineer/Manager

Chris R. Swartz is currently a Vicor Senior Principal Engineer/Manager of the SiP (System-in-Package) & Advanced Applications Engineering Group. Mr. Swartz has 35 years of technical experience in Power Supply/System Design, Analog and Digital Electronics Design, EMI and circuit simulation and modeling. He is a member of the IEEE, Providence, RI USA Chapter and holds 1 US patent in the area of Power Electronics related to zero voltage switching. In addition to Vicor, Mr. Swartz has held design positions at Motorola, Inc. Emerson Electric and Transim Technology Corporation. Mr. Swartz is married and the proud father of a daughter who is a Ph.D. candidate in Physics.