Web Seminar

48 V is the New 12 V: Increase System Density and Efficiency Using 48 V Direct to the Load

Presented by: Robert Gendron, Vice President, Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions
The 12 V intermediate bus has been a de facto standard for many industries, but with increased demand for higher efficiency, increased output power and lighter, less cumbersome cabling, engineers are rapidly transitioning to a 48 V supply.
The webinar looks at  the benefits of this move for a wide range of applications including telecoms, data centers, automotive, industrial, lighting and aerospace. During his presentation Robert Gendron provides examples that will help power designers take advantage of this important trend, including solutions that convert directly from 48 V to sub-1 V in a single stage.
Topics covered include:
  The emergence of 48 V as the preferred intermediate bus voltage
  Examples of applications adopting 48 V power distribution
  The influence of high voltage DC power distribution
on the move to 48 V
  The impact on overall system efficiency of moving to 48 V
Who should attend?
This webinar is ideal for anyone responsible for developing power systems or DC-DC power chains using a 12 V intermediate bus who wishes to improve the performance of their system. The webinar is suitable for all levels of expertise and experience.
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