Web Seminar

Advanced Power Simulation of ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator

Presented by: Chris R. Swartz, Senior Principal Engineer


Simulation is an important part of modern power system design. This two-part webinar walks through the circuit simulation of a novel ZVS Buck-Boost voltage regulator using SIMPLIS, a PC-based piecewise-linear time domain circuit simulator that is ideal for system level analysis of switching systems.
In the first part of the webinar, Chris Swartz describes the capabilities of SIMPLIS and explains how it differs from SPICE-based simulators, and then walks through the model to be used. The second video shows live operation of the simulator, using several different scenarios.
Topics covered include:
  Overview of SIMPLIS
  PI3749-00 ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator model walkthrough
  Description of the ZVS Buck-Boost topology
  Live simulations including start up, steady-state operation, transient load step, synchronization and AC analysis
  How proper circuit simulation can help you find problems before they show up in your first layout
Who should attend?
This webinar is ideal for all power and system engineers who
would like to benefit from advanced power simulation combined
with novel ZVS Buck-Boost technology. The webinar will help
attendees deliver the smallest, highest performance solution to their
customers with their first try.
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