Web Seminar

The Causes and Impact of EMI in Power Systems (EMI Part 1)

Presenter: Chris Swartz, Principal Application Engineer
Meeting EMI standards is a major challenge, particularly for power system designers. Attenuating conducted EMI can be complex and difficult, particularly if engineers do not fully understand the root cause or major factors that impact conducted EMI performance.
This webinar provides a comprehensive understanding of conducted EMI. Chris will discuss the causes, impact and measurement of EMI as well as explaining the requirements of various standards. At the end of the session participants will understand:
  What is conducted EMI
  The Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN)
  The main causes of differential and common mode EMI
  How EMI is measured
  Standards requirements
  Understanding the power supply's EMI profile
This webinar is the first in a two-part series about EMI. If you haven't already done so, you can also register for the rebroadcast version of the second webinar:
Practical Design Considerations and Solutions for the Reduction
of Conducted EMI and Filter Size in Power Systems (EMI Part 2) >
Who should attend?
This webinar is ideal for anyone responsible for developing power systems or designing with AC-DC or DC-DC converters, as well as engineers responsible for achieving EMI certifications. The webinar assumes only basic power supply knowledge and is suitable for all levels of expertise and experience.


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