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Six Things You May Not Have Known About Designing Defense Power Supplies. But Should.

Presenter: Tom Costas, General Manager, Granite Power
Designing any element of the electronic equipment for defense-related applications can be pretty complex. The electronics themselves need to provide enhanced performance, in a smaller space than previous designs. Not to mention the myriad of standards that need to be met.
And the power supply is no exception.
This latest technical webinar from Vicor is presented by Tom Costas, the General Manager of one of our custom power design centers. He shares his first-hand knowledge of the issues, practicalities and challenges in creating power supplies for the defense and aerospace industry. Whether your equipment is based on land, sea or in the air. Or is mobile, field or transportable, this webinar offers practical advice and tips on designing the power supply.
Areas covered:
  Specifying Your Requirements
  Key Military Specs
  Space Considerations
  Platform Considerations
  Making Connections
Tom Curatolo, Director of Global Defense and Aerospace Business, also provides a brief overview of how Vicor products can be used to meet the needs of the market.
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