Web Seminar

Making Power Design Easy for the Embedded Engineer

Presented by: Robert Gendron, Vice President, Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions
Embedded systems can require complex power systems with several different voltage rails, yet frequently power specialists are not available and so the embedded engineer must design the power chain.
This webinar shows how online design tools can be used to make the development of embedded power systems easier. In his presentation, Robert Gendron shows how the product selection, architecting the power chain and analysing the design’s performance can be automated, allowing embedded engineers to develop high-performance power systems quickly and easily.
Topics covered include:
  Selection of components to provide the optimum solution
  The need for simulation to ensure the design will work reliably
  Using the PowerBench Whiteboard to architect power chains
  Calculating efficiency using the Whiteboard
  Reference designs for specific applications
Who should attend?
This webinar is ideal for embedded systems engineers who are called upon to develop power systems for their application. Whilst the webinar is designed for people who have limited power design expertise, the tools and techniques presented can be used by anyone developing a power chain for an embedded system.
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