Web Seminar

Design Considerations for High Performance On-Board Power Design

Presenter: Robert Gendron, Vice President, Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions
Whatever you’re powering on the board, be it a microprocessor, amplifier, DSP, FPGA, memory, amplifier or something else, getting the power right is critical to your system. The latest practical webinar from Vicor will help you understand the challenges with high performance point of load DC-DC power solutions and how to approach your embedded power needs.
The webinar will take a practical look at the design considerations and implementation options for embedded power solutions, and discuss the trade-offs to be made with each decision you make.
At the end of the session participants will be able to answer:
  What is a buck regulator, what options do I have and what’s right for my system?
  What do I need to consider when designing the power management scheme?
  How do I maximize density, efficiency and time to market?
  What design features do I need to consider for my design?
  What do I need to consider when implementing a solution? And what are the trade-offs?
Who should attend?
As this webinar looks at all elements of point of load power design, including performance aspects and issues, anyone responsible for powering the load – from a beginner to someone who knows power – will benefit from attending.
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