Web Seminar

Whiteboard: A New Way to Simplify Power Chain Analysis

Presenter: Sean Crilly, VP VI Chip Design Engineering
Learn how to architect, analyze and optimize the performance of power chains using the PowerBench™ Solution Selector and Whiteboard. Replacing the traditional, inefficient hand-drawn approach, these tools dramatically speed up the process of designing and analyzing power systems, allowing engineers to meet their design goals and project deadlines.

During the webinar, Sean Crilly will explain how to use the Solution Selector to create topologies that meet the application's requirements, how to select the most appropriate solution and how to use the Whiteboard to modify the design and analyze its performance.
Topics covered include:
  Using the Solution Selector to build topologies
to meet your requirements
  Selection of optimum topologies, based on figures of merit
  Transferring your design to the Whiteboard
  Modifying the design and simulating distribution resistance
  Analyzing the power chain performance and thermal characteristics
  Using application-specific reference designs
Who should attend?
This webinar is ideal for anyone responsible for developing power systems or DC-DC power chains. Only basic power supply knowledge
is assumed, and it is suitable for all levels of expertise and experience.
The PowerBench™ Solution Selector and Whiteboard
Vicor's Solution Selector creates power chains that meet the requirements of your application, based upon the parameters you enter. The Whiteboard is an online tool that lets you architect and modify power chains by dragging and dropping Vicor power components, and then accurately analyzes their electrical and thermal performance.
Power Analysis
  To view and analyze examples of pre-existing power solutions on Vicor's new interactive PowerBench™ Whiteboard tool please click on the links below.
    Communication Solutions
    48 Vin, 30 V and 3.3 V output supply >
    Defense Solutions
    28 Vin, 44 V and 17 V, 150 W supply >
    Computing Solutions
    380 Vin 1 kW server example >
    Industrial Solutions
    380 Vin dual output 48 V, 12 V ATE supply >



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