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VTM® Current Multiplier

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    10 Week(s)
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    10 Week(s)
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  • Module Size: Full
  • Product Grade: -40 to 125 ° C
  • Input Voltage (V): 40
  • Output Voltage (V): 1
  • Output Current (A): 130
  • High frequency ZVS / ZCS Sine Amplitude Converter™ (SAC™)
  • High efficiency, up to 91.5%
  • High density, up to 443 A/in³
  • Up to 130 A in a 1.1 in² package
  • Low AC impedance: bulk capacitance elimination
  • Low noise: no output filtering required
  • Contains built-in protection features
  • Provides enable / disable control, internal temperature monitoring, current monitoring
  • Pick & place / SMD compatible
  • Mix and match full and half-chip products
Data Sheets
PDF  Data Sheet 
Design Guides
PDF  UG:007 - Constant Current (CC) Demonstration Board User Guide 
PDF  UG:14 – VI Chip VTM Evaluation Board User Guide 
Application Notes
PDF  AN:002 - PRM / VTM Parallel Operation 
PDF  AN:005 - FPA Printed Circuit Board Layout Guidelines 
PDF  AN:009 – SMT J-Lead VI Chip Soldering Recommendations For surface mount full and half VI Chip packages 
PDF  AN:018 - Providing a Constant Current for Powering LEDs using the PRM and VTM 
PDF  AN:024 - Accurate POL Voltage Regulation Using Simple Adaptive Loop Feedback 
PDF  AN:032 – Designing High Power Parallel Arrays with PRMs 
PDF  AN:033 - Fault Management Circuit 
PDF  AN:034 – Creating Higher Voltage Outputs using Series Connected Sine Amplitude Converters 
White Papers
PDF  FPA Overview: An Introduction to FPA 
PDF  Enabling Next Generation High-Density Power Conversion 
PDF  Datacenter Power Delivery Architectures: Efficiency and Annual Operating Costs 
PPS  Efficient Power Conversion Solutions 
PDF  High Current, Low Voltage Solution For Microprocessor Applications from 48 V Inp 
PDF  Dual-Stage Feedback Technique for Single-Pole Feedback Compensation 
Safety Agency Documentation
PDF  cURus - UL 60950-1, CSA 60950-1 
PDF  cTÜVus - EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1, CSA 60950-1 
PDF  CE Mark - Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and RoHS Recast Directive (2011/65/EU) 
PDF  CB Certificate - IEC 60950-1:2005 
Design Tools

Full-Chip VTM with J-Lead mounting (>100 Amp) STP

Full-Chip VTM with J-Lead mounting (>100 Amp) PDF

Full-Chip VTM with J-Lead mounting (>100 Amp) IGS

Full-Chip VTM with J-Lead mounting (>100 Amp) DXF
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User Guide
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Vin 40 V, Vout 1.0, Iout 130 A VTD48EF012T130B01 PDF Add To Cart 
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Full-Chip VTM with J-Leads (>100 Amp) VIZ0008 Add To Cart 
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