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Modular DC-DC system design webinar

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Avoiding common AC-DC design pitfalls


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What operating conditions must the DC-DC system fulfill? Real-world systems comprise more than just the DC-DC converter itself. Using a case study to examine the requirements of module integration into a DC-DC system, you will learn topics such as input and output filtering, protections, compatibility with the source and load dynamics.

This webinar focuses on

  • Identifying system requirements and module options
  • Developing system architecture and select power components to fulfill conversion needs
  •  Implementing modules and support circuitry

Who should attend?

Engineers who want to discover new techniques using real-world applications to develop system architecture and select power components to fulfill conversion needs.


Dave Berry Vicor field application engineer

David Berry

Principal Applications Engineer

Dave Berry has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Union College in Schenectady, NY. He was a former magnetics designer specializing in impedance matching transformers, and now works for Vicor Corporation as a Principal Applications Engineer. He has been working in component power design for 23 years.