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Tethered UAV power matching

Without proper consideration, EMI can derail projects and create costly delays. With a real-world troubleshooting example, you will learn about basic EMI measurement, common and differential noise sources and identification methods, conducted EMI pre-compliance testing, layout issues, etc.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Basic EMI measurements and the LISN
  • Common and differential noise sources
  • EMI pre-compliance analysis using simulation models
  • Layout considerations





Bill Schmitz

President, Vicor Power Systems

Since 1995, Bill Schmitz has been President of Vicor Power Systems. He works closely with customers, overseeing the design, testing, and manufacture of custom power designs. Prior to this, Bill worked as a sustaining engineering/design engineer designing custom discrete power supplies. Bill holds a BSEE from Gonzaga University and in his spare time he enjoys woodworking, automotive interests and outdoor activities in the Pacific Northwest.

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