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VPX products

Introducing the latest VITA compliant power products

We are continuing the expansion of our VITA compliant VPX power supplies with the introduction of these three new offerings. A 3-phase input, 28V output 750W 3U AC-DC solution with optional hold-up module, and a 3U 28VDC input 800W SOSA focused solution. Learn more information about our current VITA 62.x products.

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

Scalable OpenVPX compliant form-factor

Scalable OpenVPX compliant form-factor

Overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protections

Overcurrent, overvoltage & overtemperature protections

Military standard compliance to MIL‑STD 704F, 461F, 810G, 1275D

Military standard compliance to MIL‑STD 704F, 461F, 810G, 1275D

No electrolytic capacitors

No electrolytic capacitors

Power System Designer

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Input specifications

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Output specifications

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Max output: Maximum output:
Vicor Power System Designer


  • 3D Drawing for 270V 3U
  • 3D Drawing for 28V 3U
  • 3D Drawing for 28V 6U

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