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Adapting 400V and 800V architectures – bidirectional conversion

As OEMs transition from 400V to 800V HV batteries, re-use of legacy 400V subsystems and interoperability of systems will require a solution to power 400V loads and provide bi-directional capability between 400V and 800V systems.  

Bi-directional power modules solutions are perfect for adapting existing proven 400V applications and infrastructure to 800V electric vehicle architectures. High density power modules are extremely efficient, light-weight and easily scalable. The bi-directionality also offers flexibility to power a wider variety of applications.

Matt Jenks

North American Automotive Director

Matthew Jenks is Director of Automotive Sales and Field Applications Engineering in Vicor, North America. Matthew has 25+ years of automotive electronics experience in modules, power electronics, custom ICs and semiconductors. He has held positions in Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Field Applications at Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies, including Infineon, STMicroelectronics, International Rectifier, Visteon and Motorola. Matthew earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Photo of Matt Jenk

Originally presented at World Congress Expo on April 18, 2023