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Nicolas Richard presenting


Reducing range anxiety by reducing harness weight using power modules

12V wire harnesses represent significant weight and cost in modern complex vehicles. Reducing weight frees space and increases range, which is so important today. Stepping up voltage is a more efficient approach to transferring power around the vehicle through thinner wire harnesses, which weigh less. This new  innovative approach can easily be implemented with SAC ratio metric modules to step up and step down the voltage efficiently using power modules while appreciably reducing harness weight.

Nicolas Richard

Director Automotive Sales and Field Applications, Vicor EMEA

Nicolas Richard is Director of Automotive Sales and Field Application Engineering in Vicor, Europe. Nicolas has 19 years of automotive experience in Infotainment, ADAS, Power electronics systems (DC-DC, Inverter, BMS) and semiconductors . He held positions in Engineering, Program management, Field Application Engineering and Sales at Tiers 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies, including Siemens VDO, Continental, Fairchild, ON Semi, IDT and Renesas. Nicolas earned his MSc in Electrical Engineering from ESIEE in France.

Photo of Nicolas Richard

Originally presented at World Congress Expo on April 18, 2023