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WiBotic 無線自主充電解決方案延長各式機器人的運轉執行時間和電池使用壽命


WiBotic 無線自主充電解決方案延長各式機器人的運轉執行時間和電池使用壽命

Vicor 高效率電源模組消除散熱管理限制,為各式電池、機器人以及充電站實現創新的自動匹配充電基座。


WiBotic 提供動態無線充電解決方案,實現新一代自主性。

WiBotic 提供動態無線充電解決方案,實現新一代自主性。

As robotic fleets reshape logistic, delivery and inspection industries, the demand for more efficient and flexible charging solutions is increasing while the feasibility for these fleets to be managed manually and recharged ad hoc by a 24/7 rotation of personnel is decreasing. The next step is toward enhanced autonomy, whereby normal operations can be sustained without human intervention, which is where WiBotic comes in.

Driving the next generation of robotic autonomy

WiBotic, located in Seattle, WA, provides wireless charging and power optimization solutions that are integral to charging the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and industrial robots. A range of solutions enable robots and unmanned vehicles (UVs) to be recharged through wireless charging stations, eliminating the need for human operators to physically connect the robots to chargers. In addition, wireless charging technology reduces wear and tear on physical connection points, trip hazards from power cords and floor-mounted charging stations, and the space requirement for dedicated charging rooms

WiBotic wireless charging solutions are designed to facilitate “many-to-many” operation, whereby multiple robots (including from different manufacturers) can charge from the same transmitter at different times. Alternatively, an entire fleet of robots can move between a network of transmitters in different locations within a warehouse. In short, any robot can charge from any station, even if the robots have different battery chemistries, voltages and charging current.

Vicor Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) regulator powers wireless charging innovation
The Vicor 48V VI Chip® PRM Regulator is a 400W high-efficiency converter that operates from a 36 – 75V input to generate a regulated output. The device powers the adaptive matching transmitter onboard the WiBotic TR-110 wireless charging station, which feeds power wirelessly to the robot’s or UV’s onboard receiver. The PRM accepts 48V from an AC-DC power supply and the output voltage is adaptively controlled and trimmed from approximately 20 – 55V.

The Vicor PRM enables consistent, high-efficiency conversion across the full range of impedances, flexibly supporting ‘full charge’ and ‘trickle charge’ modes with no significant drop-off in efficiency at lower power levels – a critical performance benchmark that competing power components failed to achieve.

Vicor-Wibotic-Low-Power-Dev-Kit-small.jpgThe Vicor PRM enables consistent, highly-efficient conversion across the full range of impedences for Wibotic's low-power, wireless-charging development kit.

This high-efficiency conversion capability yielded a tightly consistent, maximum device temperature of 40 – 45°C, helping to neutralize thermal management constraints across the full power range.

WiBotic delivers a dynamic charging solution that enables the next generation of autonomy.  Freed from the confines of manually-managed charging processes, these devices can achieve new levels of functionality and productivity – with no power constraints to hold them back.

Learn more about the WiBotic wireless charging application.

About WiBotic

WiBotic provides wireless charging and power optimization solutions for the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile and marine robots. Its solutions help companies optimize the uptime of robot fleets and are an integral component of fully autonomous robotic operations. WiBotic is already working with companies in a variety of industries. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Seattle, WA.

About Vicor

Vicor Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets modular power components and complete power systems based upon a portfolio of patented technologies. Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Vicor sells its products to the power systems market, including enterprise and high performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, telecommunications and network infrastructure, vehicles and transportation, aerospace and defense.

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