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Advancing mobile robotics with modular power delivery networks

Robotics eBook

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As robotic applications gain features and functionality, their power systems must scale to accommodate the increased load. Unfortunately, today’s demands exceed the capabilities of traditional power system designs. An optimized power delivery network (PDN) based on modular power products can improve efficiency and reduce weight and size, enabling extended range and freeing up space for larger payloads and functionality. 

This eBook provides a guide to developing better PDNs to meet the needs of today’s robotics systems. In this eBook you will learn about real-life robotics applications through case studies, a robotics Q+A, technical white papers, and links to application notes and tools. Whether you wish to improve features and functionality, scale for the future or shorten your time to market, this eBook will help you identify ways to improve your design by taking a better approach to power delivery networks.