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Building redundancy in electrical systems that power 400 or 800V electric vehicles

Vicor Corporation converters provide a redundant system by providing an isolated ratio metric frontend that is easily paralleled and a regulator with the built-in paralleling feature.

The traditional DC-DC Converter operating from the 800V battery, creating a 12V isolated, regulated output that is typically a single power train. If any of the power elements in the power train fails, one could lose the 12V, a chemical redundancy (battery) is required so not to disable the vehicle. The 800V battery can be split into two 400V batteries connected in series to support better redundancy.

Patrick Kowalyk

Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer

Patrick has been solving power delivery issues for over 20 years with Vicor’s innovative, high power, high density and high-efficiency solutions. Patrick is instrumental in helping power engineers architect new Automotive power delivery systems. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Photo of Patrick Kowalyk

Originally presented at World Congress Expo on April 18, 2023