Environmental Compliance

Vicor Corporation, as a global leader in high density power solutions, is committed to taking an active role in protecting the environment. As an ISO9001:2008 registered company, we are dedicated to developing and maintaining controlled business, design and manufacturing processes to competitively service our world-wide customer base, with Environmental Management Systems that meet government regulations, international standards and our customers requirements. Visit the following links to learn how Vicor Corporation has transformed its Design and Manufacturing Processes to comply with the listed Environmental Directives. (More Environmental Directives are to come.)
Environmental Directives  RoHS Compliant Certificates  Quality Related Documents


Environmental Directives

European Union
Environmental Directives - Europe   Go  


Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment    


PDFEU REACH Regulation »    
PDFEU REACH Certificate »    


Perfluorooctane Sulfonates (PFOS)    
DOCPosition Statement »    
PDFCertificate »    


Dimethyl Fumarate    
DOCPosition Statement »    
PDFCertificate »    


Environmental Directives - China   Go  


Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment    
PDFChina WEEE »    


United States
Environmental Directives - United States   Go  


Environmental Directives - Japan   Go  


Environmental Directives - Korea   Go  


RoHS Compliant Certificates

Vicor certifies that to the best of its knowledge RoHS branded products meet the Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Union’s Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (also known as the “RoHS Directive”).


AC-DC Board Mount
PFC Universal Input    
PDFAC Front End »    
PDFVE-HAM (Harmonic Attenuator Module) »    


PFC Autoranging Input    
PDFENMods »    


Non-PFC Universal Input    
PDFAIM (AC Input Front-end Module) »    


Non-PFC Autoranging Input    
PDFARM (Autoranging Rectifier Module) »    
PDFFARM (Filter Autoranging Rectifier Module) »    


AC-DC Power Systems
PDFFlatPAC (50 – 600 W Power Supply) »    
PDFFlatPAC-EN (AC-DC Power Supply) »    
PDFLoPAC Family (AC-DC Power Supply) »    
PDFMegaPAC Family (AC-DC and DC-DC User- and Field-Configurable Power Supplies) »    
PDFPFC Front End »    
PDFVI PAC Power System »    


DC-DC Board Mount
Isolated Regulated    
PDFCool-Power PI31xx Series »    
PDFMaxi, Micro, Mini Brick (DC-DC Converters) »    
PDFVE-200 Brick (DC-DC Converters) »    
PDFVE-J00 Brick (DC-DC Converters) »    


Isolated Non-Regulated    
PDFBCM (Bus Converter Module) »    
PDFVI Brick IBC (Intermediate Bus Converter Module) »    
PDFVTM (Current Multiplier) »    


Non-Isolated Regulated Buck    
PDFCool-Power 33xx, PI34xx (ZVS Buck Regulators) »    


Non-Isolated Regulated Buck-Boost    
PDFPRM (Regulator) »    


DC-DC Filters
PDFQPI (QuietPower EMI Input Filter Module) »    
PDFFIAM (Filter Input Attenuator Module) »    
PDFIAM (Input Attenuator Module) »    


PDFQPO (QuietPower Ouput Ripple Attenuator Module) »    
PDFRAM (Ripple Attenuator Module) »    


DC-DC Power Systems
PDFComPAC (50 – 600 W DC-DC Power Supply) »    
PDFMegaPAC Family (AC-DC and DC-DC User- and Field-Configurable Power Supplies) »    
PDFVIPAC Array (DC Configurable Power Supply) »    
PDFMegaMod/MegaMod Jr. (Chassis-mount DC-DC Converters) »    
PDFLoPAC Family (AC-DC Power Supply) »    


Power Path Management Protection, Distribution, Monitoring
Load Switch    
PDFCool-Switch »    
PDFµRDS(on) »    


PDFCool-Swap (Hot-Swap / Circuit Breaker Controller) »    


Active ORing    
PDFCool-ORing »    


Quality Related Documents

Vicor has an extensive library of procedures governing our environmental compliance program.For specific information please
Contact our Quality Experts.
In addition, Vicor requires that its parts and material suppliers provide their company’s declaration sheet that guarantee their products comply with RoHS Directive as well.


PDFRoHS Frequently Asked Questions (March 2007) »    
PDFVicor RoHS Part Numbering Scheme »    
PDFConverterPAC RoHS Part Numbering Scheme »    
PDFStrategies to Mitigate the Tin Whisker Phenomenon »    
Customer Responsibility    
Vicor Products, once converted to the requirements of the numerous RoHS Directives listed, will be compliant with respect to the restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances. Vicor does not warrant that customer's own products, which incorporate such Vicor products, will in turn comply with the various RoHS Directives. In all cases, Customer shall remain liable for ensuring its own products meet all requirements of the RoHS Directives, including but not necessarily limited to:
  • Verifying the compatibility with its soldering process
  • Checking marking, date-code and box labeling of all Vicor products
  • Customer's stock management and product qualification in the application