Picor® Cool-Swap®
Hot-Swap / Circuit-Breaker Controller

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The PI2211 is a Hot-Swap / circuit-breaker controller for bus voltages of 0.9 to 14 V. Unlike conventional
Hot-Swap controllers, the PI2211 incorporates True-SOA MOSFET protection which emulates the transient thermal performance of the MOSFET ensuring safe operation. Typical Hot-Swap devices utilize the power limiting based upon standard SOA curves not taking into account transient performance issues. Only the PI2211 with True-SOA emulates and protects the MOSFET under its actual operating conditions taking into account transient events.

Input Voltage   0.9 – 14 V
Tj Operating
Temp Range
  -40°C to +125°C
Circuit breaker
fault detection time
  100 nS
Dimensions   4  x 4  x 0.85 mm



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Compatible Converters

The Cool-Swap® – Hot-Swap / Circuit Breaker Controller – works in conjunction with a specific set of Vicor converters to deliver optimal efficiency, power and protection.
To easily view the appropriate converter components needed for the desired Cool-Swap please use the PowerBench Solution Selector tool to locate compatible offerings.

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Features & Benefits
  • 0.9 to 14V operating (21V max) Bus Hot Swap Controller with circuit breaker
  • Digitally emulates MOSFET transient thermal performance for True-SOA control
  • Ensures safe DC and transient MOSFET performance by emulating the MOSFET junction temperature rise via a internal digital processor
  • Limits transient over voltage exposure after breaker event with Glitch-Catcher control
Typical Application

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Packaging Options

24-Pin QFN / 4 mm x 4 mm x 0.85 mm

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Evaluation Boards

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  User Guide    
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