Web Seminar

Designing High Performance AC-DC Power Systems Using a Power Component Approach

Presenter: Paul Yeaman, Director, VI Chip Applications Engineering
In this webinar, watch Paul Yeaman walk you through an innovative three-step process to design a multi-kW, AC-DC power system with a dozen output rails in just half an hour!
By taking a holistic view, designing the system from the top down, this new technique ensures an optimal solution. It also saves engineers time over the conventional approach where power systems are broken into sections and each one is designed separately. The top-down approach has been developed as a result of Paul's many years helping power supply engineers who are designing for the world's leading technology companies.
At the end of the session, you'll be able to apply the three-step process to help you design any power supply system quickly and efficiently:
  Identify – determine the parameters of the output rails and rank them in terms of their requirements.
  Architect – build a block diagram that matches appropriate solutions to each output rail, as well as the input AC-DC conversion
  Implement – detailed implementation of the solution for each block, including techniques to ensure that noise, regulation, hold-up, filtering and other design requirements are met
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