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Free webinar with live Q&A

Build better robots using modular power – general overview 

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Register for this free webinar

Wednesday, June 9 at 8AM Boston / 1PM London / 2PM Berlin


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This webinar will also be presented at 2PM Boston / 7PM London / 8PM Berlin on Wednesday, June 9

Today's innovative mobile robots require a different approach to power to achieve top performance and to get to market fast. Run time, range, payload and processing speeds differentiate the elite robots. How you power your robot matters. Using real-world examples, learn about advantages of different approaches to power, common tradeoffs and why planning your power delivery network early could be the most impactful decision you can make.

This webinar focuses on:

  • High-level overview of modular power delivery networks (PDN)
  • Real-world PDN examples of delivery and tethered robots
  • Demonstration of benefits to robot performance

Who should attend?

Intended for key decision makers, engineers, and anyone interested in enabling innovation in mobile robotics.

There’s a more technical version of the webinar for engineers. Learn more.

About the presenter

David Krakauer

David Krakauer

Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Channel Strategy

David oversees all marketing activities at Vicor with a passion for marketing technology and customer experience. David has worked in the semiconductor and electronics industry for over two decades in marketing, product development, and customer engagement. David has a BSEE and MSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Before the pandemic, David could be found on weekends cheering on his son at high-school robotics competitions.