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Build better robots using modular power

Robotics security patrolling

Learn about a better way to power mobile robots

Robots are no longer stationary machines on the manufacturing floor. Today, mobile robots are delivering packages, harvesting crops, and patrolling high risk facilities. New applications for mobile robots are emerging every day in response to evolving markets and world events. For example, the COVID pandemic is spurring the use of robotics for contactless delivery, sanitizing, and even medical care.

The combination of rapid growth and the need for new functionality are increasing demands on powering robots. More sensors, control systems, computing power, payloads and extended range requirements are taxing conventional power delivery approaches. Keeping pace with today's innovative new robots, requires a new way of looking at your power delivery network.

Our webinars are ideal for engineers and decision makers and draw from real world examples from our work with customers in different segments of the mobile robotics market.

Choose the webinar best suited for your role in the development of robotics

General overview webinar

Intended for key decision makers, engineers, and anyone interested in enabling innovation in mobile robotics.

This webinar uses real-world examples to show how designing power delivery networks at the beginning of your mobile robot development enables longer range and up-time, more payload capacity, and greater reliability. We will explain the concept behind modular power and how it’s more flexible and scalable than conventional approaches, which saves development time and cost. Watch now

Technical webinar

Intended for power system design engineers and anyone interested in a detailed, technical explanation of modular power and its benefits for mobile robot power design.

This webinar uses real-world examples and shows how to design a power delivery network where power density and efficiency are essential characteristics for delivering more range and payload capacity. We will demonstrate easy-to-use tools that enable you to start your own power delivery network design using Vicor power modules. Watch now