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Vicor Power Systems
High-performance power supplies to solve the toughest problems

A need for custom and standard, high-density solutions

Increasing requirements for higher power, higher efficiency, higher-density solutions are demanding more expertise from power engineers. Manufacturers are unlikely to have the in-house expertise to implement a state-of-the-art power solution while meeting shrinking time-to-market schedules. They need to augment core competencies with outside expertise to design, prototype and develop a reliable power system they can incorporate into their product quickly and easily.

Delivering turnkey solutions quickly and reliably

Vicor Power Systems offers more than 30 years of engineering experience developing efficient solutions for customers who do not have the time or expertise to do it themselves. Leveraging exceptional Vicor technologies, our engineers will work closely with you during the full process from definition and design through manufacturing to ensure you get the most efficient and flexible power supply from source to point-of-load. When a deadline is looming and you need to quickly implement a power system to meet your exacting needs, Vicor Power Systems will design and deliver a complete, cost-effective solution that solves your toughest challenges.

Venn diagram of the value of Vicor Power Systems

Benefits of our turnkey solutions

Benefits of our turnkey solutions

Modular components

Components from source to PoL guaranteed to work together

Expertise and support from a trusted engineering partner

A full spectrum of in-house testing


Performance only available with a modular approach

Vicor Power Systems application examples