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Online Vicor tools: simulators

Knowing exactly how power components will behave is crucial if engineers are to be able to develop power systems that work as intended on the first revision. Our online simulator tool provides precision modeling of electrical and thermal behavior for a range of our products, enabling engineers to understand exactly how they will operate in a real application.

This online simulator tool allows the user to define the operating and environmental conditions: in addition to setting the basic Line and Load conditions, the user can also adjust input and output impedance and filter conditions. A range of products are supported by the simulator, including DCMs, BCMs, PRMs, PFMs and Intermediate Bus Converters (IBCs). Currently over 50 standard Vicor power components are supported. The tool will simulate input voltage startup, EN startup, steady state operation, EN shutdown, a step change in the load and a step change in input voltage. This allows power system designers to understand the operation of the component in a wide range of different situations. The simulator allows the values of filter and other peripheral components to be modified, and the user can select the duration of the simulation. When the simulation is run, the tool produces detailed voltage and current waveforms to show the behavior at various points in the circuit that are selectable by the user.

Vicor Simulator Interface

The Vicor online simulator tool is a valuable tool that provides a detailed analysis of the operation of many of the Vicor power components, making it easy to model the performance of your system.


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