Isolated AC-DC Converters with PFC


The PFM is the lowest profile AC-DC solution in the market. Vicor's VIA package enables designers to efficiently package power into their system's thermal management solution. Unlike the competition which offers solutions with twice the width and 3x the height, these slim line converters can do the same job in less space.


Input Voltages   Universal rectified:
85 – 264 VRMS
Output Voltage   24 and 48 V isolated
and regulated outputs
Output Power   400 W
Efficiency   Up to 92%
Power Density   ≥ 127 W/in3
Dimensions   PFM 4414 :
4.37 x 1.42 x 0.37 in.
111 x 36 x 9.4 mm

PFM 4914 :
4.92 x 1.42 x 0.37 in.
125 x 36 x 9.4 mm




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Part Number
Filter Column
Vin (V)
Filter Column
Vout (V)
Filter Column
Power (W)
Filter Column
Control Interface
Filter Column

PFM4414xB6M24D0yzz » 175 (85 – 264) 24 400 Always On 4414 VIA
PFM4414xB6M48D0yzz » 175 (85 – 264) 48 400 Always On 4414 VIA
PFM4914xB6M24D0yzz » 175 (85 – 264) 24 400 Always On 4914 VIA
PFM4914xB6M48D0yzz » 175 (85 – 264) 48 400 Always On 4914 VIA
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Features & Benefits
  • Small size, low profile:
    Eliminates constraints of size or height in a design
  • Thermally adept VIA housing:
    Simplifies thermal design, possibly eliminating the need for a fan: chassis mount version enables system chassis to be part of thermal design
  • Integrated filtering, transient protection, inrush protection:
    Simplifies conducted emissions and surge protection design, reduces design risk, faster time to market
  • High efficiency of up to 92%:
    Excellent efficiency for such a small and low profile device
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) exceeding .95 at most line/load conditions (filter dependent):
    Meets all agency standards
  • 400 W available over entire input voltage range:
    No need to design different systems for different parts of the world
  • Chassis mount or PCB mount packaging options:
    Provides design flexibility, enables multiplicity of thermal design strategies
  • Small and simple “wall-plug-to-POL design with Vicor POL buck, and buck-boost regulator products:
    Simple, modular complete solution to achieve benchmark performance from wall-plug to Point of load
  • Use with AIM in VIA package, offers drop-in rectifier bridge, surge protection and conductive filtering for Class B systems: Low profile package allows for further mechanical optimization
  • 24 V version can operate with only 27,000 µF of hold-up capacitors. 48 V version can operate with only 6,800 µF of hold-up capacitors: Small, flexible design
  • Voltage, current, and temperature protections:
    Protects the PFM unit and system


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