Digital Isolator



The I13TL1A0 is a three-channel passive Digital Isolator which enables secondary referenced digital power system monitoring and control when used in conjunction with Vicor’s Digital Supervisor (D44TL1A0) and high performance power conversion, regulation, and transformation modules and bricks. The I13TL1A’s passive design reduces system complexity, while its small footprint increases system power density.


Isolation Channels   2 Tx, 1 Rx
Isolation   4242 Vdc
Working Voltage  
420 V
Product Grade   T= -40 to 125°C
Package   10 mm x 10 mm LGA


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Features & Benefits


  • Three-channel digital isolator
    One receive & two transmit channels
  • Powered from input signal, no VCC required
  • Small size and low external component count reduce system complexity while preserving system power density
  • Operating input voltage = 3.3 V (typ.)
  • Working Voltage = 420 VDC, 300 VRMS
  • DC Isolation voltage = 4242 VDC
  • AC Isolation voltage = 3000 VRMS
  • 10 mm x 10 mm Land Grid Array (LGA) package


Typical Application

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Packaging Options

10 mm x 10 mm x 2.6 mm LGA SiP

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