The FlatPAC-EN MI is a rugged, ultra low-profile MIL-COTS power supply with a power density greater than 7 W/in³. Configured with user-selected, highly-reliable Vicor modules, the supply provides up to four isolated outputs ranging from 2 – 95 VDC and a total output power of 500 W (425 W for EN 61000-3-2 compliance). Conformal coating is an available option for demanding environments. 

Input Voltages  

90 – 132 VAC,

180– 264 VAC , Autoranging;

47 – 63 Hz AC

250 – 380 VDC

Output Voltage  

1 – 95 VDC

Output Power   Up to 500 W total;
Up to 425 with EN61000-3-2
compliance Mil-STD 810
for Shock and Vibration

1.4 x 5.0 x 9.2 in
35.6 x 127.0 x 233.7 mm




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Custom Turnkey Solutions


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We can design and manufacture turnkey custom power systems that meet your specific needs! The sole focus of Vicor Custom Power is designing and manufacturing turnkey custom power systems that meet your specific needs. Vicor Custom Power maintains the flexibility of a small entrepreneurial company while taking advantage of Vicors technical and business resources to deal effectively with your most challenging power requirements. Vicor has invested in the tools and resources to offer you full service solutions from prototype to mass production with the shortest leadtimes and the lowest risk.


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Features & Benefits
  • User configurable supply with 1 to 4 outputs
  • Protective features - inrush limiting, transient protection, EMI filtering
  • Can operate in both conduction and convection applications
  • Meets EN61000-3-2 European harmonic requirements
  • Rugged package for demanding environments
  • Rated to -40C
  • Conformal coating option available

The FlatPAC-EN/EN MI consists of an off-line single phase autoranging front end, EMI filter, customer interface, power supply control circuit, associated housekeeping circuits, a MiniHAM module and a selection of Vicor’s VI-200/VI-J00 and/or Maxi/Mini/Micro DC-DC converters.

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Packaging Options

Drawing Number

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