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BCM 將高壓電池轉化至 SELV 系統

EV power architectures can use BCMs to create a high efficiency and lightweight power system without the need for an intermediate battery.  The BCM's low impedance and fast transient response can transform the high voltage battery, make it appear as a discharging 48V battery and simultaneously preserving the benefits of the battery while providing a SELV distribution to power modern 48V loads.

電動汽車的電源架構可以使用 BCM 來創造一個高效、輕量化的電源系統而無需中間電池,BCM 的低阻抗和快速瞬態回應可以改變高壓電池,使它看起來像一個放電的 48V 電池,保留了電池優點的同時提供了一個SELV配電為現代 48V 負載供電。