Non-isolated Bus Converter Module



A Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC®) that offers superior performance, the highest efficiency, and highest power density in the smallest package available. NBMs provide an intermediate bus voltage to power PoL (point-of-load) converters or serve as a voltage source for telecom/datacom and transportation applications.


Input Voltages   36 – 46 V
36 – 60 V
Output Voltage   7.2 – 12 V
12 – 15.3 V
Output Power   Up to 170 A
Efficiency   Up to 97.9%

6123 ChiP:
61.00 x 25.14 x 7.26 mm

3814 VIA :
3.76 X 1.4 X 0.37 in.



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Part Number
Filter Column
Vin (V)
Filter Column
Vout (V)
Filter Column
Current (A)
Filter Column
Filter Column
Control Interface
NBM6123T46C15A6T0R » 36 - 46 12.0 - 15.3 160 6123 ChiP Analog
NBM3814x46C15A6yzz » 36 - 46 12.0 - 15.3 160 3814 VIA Always On
NBM6123T60E12A7T0R » 36 - 60 7.2 - 12.0 170 6123 ChiP Analog
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Features & Benefits
  • Up to 170 A continuous output current
  • High density
  • Parallel operation for multi-kW arrays
  • OV, OC, UV, short circuit and thermal protection
  • Bidirectional



NBM Typical Application

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