MIL-COTS MI-MegaMod™ Family
DC-DC Converters


MI-MegaMods offer up to a total of 300 Watts from one, two, or three outputs. Each unit incorporates one, two, or three component-level Vicor MI-200/MI-J00
DC-DC converters in a chassis-mount package. In addition, the MI-MegaMod chassis-mount packaging can also be used on the MI-IAM, MI-RAM,
and MI-AIM modules.

Standard features such as wide output trimming/programming, current limiting, remote sense, logic enable/disable combine to offer a high degree of protection, versatility, and reliability for power systems.

Input Voltages   28, 155, 165, 270 VDC
Output Voltage   2 – 48 VDC
Output Power   Up to 300 W
Efficiency   80 – 90%



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Compatible Converters

The MIL-COTS MI-MegaMod DC-DC Converter works in conjunction with a specific set of Vicor converters to deliver optimal efficiency, power and protection.
To easily view the appropriate converter components needed for the desired MIL-COTS MI-MegaMod product, please use the PowerBench Solution Selector tool to locate compatible offerings.

Features & Benefits
  • One, two or three outputs
  • MIL-STD-704D/E/F transient compliance for 28 and 270 Vdc
  • MIL-STD-1399A compliance for 155 Vdc


Installation Guides

PDFMegaMod DC-DC Converter Family Installation Guide »


Design Guide / Applications Manual

Download Entire Manual

PDFVI-200, VI-J00 Design Guide and Applications Manual »

Download Individual Chapters 

PDF 1. Zero-Current Switching »

PDF 2. DC-DC Converter Pinouts »

PDF 3. Module Dos and Donts »

PDF 4. Overcurrent Protection »

PDF 5. Output Voltage Trimming »

PDF 6. Multiple Gate In Connections »

PDF 7. Applications Circuits / Converter Array Design Considerations »

PDF 8. Using Boosters and Parallel Arrays »

PDF 9. EMC Considerations »

PDF 10. Optional Output Filters »

PDF 11. Battery Charger (BatMod) »


Filter and Front-End Module Chapters

PDF 12. AC Input Module (AIM / MI-AIM) »

PDF 13. Harmonic Attenuator Module (HAM) »

PDF 14. Input Attenuator Module (IAM / MI-IAM) »

PDF 15. Ripple Attenuator Module (RAM / MI-RAM) »

PDF 16. Offline Front End »


Power System Chapters

PDF 17. DC Input Power System (ComPAC / MI-ComPAC Family) »

PDF 18. AC Input Power System (FlatPAC Family) »

PDF 19. AC Input Power System (PFC FlatPAC) »


General Chapters

PDF 20. Thermal and Module Mounting Considerations »

PDF 21. Thermal Curves »

PDF 22. Lead Free Pins (RoHS) »


PDF 23. Tin Lead Pins »

PDF 24. Module Packaging Options (SlimMod, FinMod, BusMod and MegaMod Families) »

PDF 25. Product Weights »

PDF 26. Glossary of Technical Terms »

MI Stress Screening

Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) »

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) »

Environmental Quality »


Packaging Options

Drawing      Description

10874           PDFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod »

10874           DXFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod »

07045           PDFOutline Drawing for Mi-MegaMod Jr. 1-Up »

07045           DXFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 1-Up »

07494           PDFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 2-Up »

07494           DXFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 2-Up »

07495           PDFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 3-Up »

07495           DXFOutline Drawing for MI-MegaMod Jr. 3-Up »

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