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Vicor to present high power density and low noise power module solutions for industrial application at China Power Electronics Technology Industry Conference in Xi’an

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Noise is one of the most common types of interference in the power delivery network that reduces efficiency and overall performance. Vicor, the high-performance power module company, addresses how to reduce noise for industrial applications with power dense and efficient power modules at China Power Electronics Technology Industry Conference in Xi’an on Nov. 25th.

Mao Min, Field Application Engineer at Vicor China, will present Vicor’s solutions, which offer low noise and broadband filters to handle low and intermediate frequency common mode/differential mode noise in the smallest possible size. Vicor provides unique architectures and topologies that support a wide portfolio of high density, compact and highly efficient power modules that are scalable and thermally adept.   Vicor China team will exhibit the latest product portfolio at Vicor booth, which can be widely used for UAV, robotics, manufacturing, energy, test and measurement, LED and automotive.

Learn more about Vicor presentation on China Power Electronics Technology Industry Conference.

About Vicor

Vicor is the leader in high-performance power modules, enabling customer innovation with easy-to-deploy modular power system solutions for power delivery networks that provide the highest density and efficiency from source to point-of-load. We continuously advance the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of our power modules by staying on the forefront of distribution architectures, conversion topologies and packaging technology. Vicor serves customers in enterprise and high-performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, robotics, UAVs, electric vehicles and transportation, satellites, and aerospace and defense. With over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing power modules for demanding markets, the Vicor patented, high-frequency DC-DC power conversion technology is ideally suited for the automotive market.

Vicor is a registered trademark of Vicor Corporation.

About China Power Electronics Technology Industry Conference

Organized by 21dianyuan, the China Power Electronics Technology Industry Conference will be held on November 25, 2023 in Xi’an. Two venues will be set up with rich content, and industry experts will share design examples and innovative technology.

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