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Powering Innovation podcast

The future of long-haul trucking is accelerating autonomously on a freeway near you

Podcast host Robert Gendron, Corporate Vice President, Product Development

Special Guest: Reenst Lesemann, CEO at C-Power, in Corvallis, OR. Columbia Power Technologies, Inc., or C-Power, is a global leader in wave energy systems. They are helping to expand the Blue Economy by providing reliable, cost-effective energy generation and storage, as well as data and communication services for offshore applications.

C-Power autonomous offshore power systems (AOPS) float in the ocean, capturing mechanical wave energy and converting it into usable power for a wide range of applications. The AOPS design, called SeaRAY, can generate 10W – 1MW from ocean waves. To achieve its goals on the lower end of the power spectrum, C-Power targeted a high power-to-weight ratio, requiring a very compact power delivery network.

Lesemann explains how they are bringing power opportunities to the ocean, which is a veritable a power desert without supporting technology. The marine economy is limited because there are not power outlets at sea, which hampers all major projects. C-Power provide mini-grids at sea for research, exploration, data gathering and remote satellite transition. The AOPS design, called SeaRAY, can generate 10W – 1MW from ocean waves.

Learn more about how C-Power’s portable, remote AOPs are powering today’s new Blue Economy.