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Aerospace and defense solutions

Electronic countermeasure

The inclusion of airborne electronic attack capability to a long-duration UAV platform provides upgraded electronic warfare support in theater during engagements lead by older or slower aircraft that often rely on last-generation platforms. The challenge is to implement the smallest, lightest solution that is able to drive multiple high voltage sources to an isolated 270V with current sharing.

Electronic countermeasure on a defense drone

The power delivery network

A stack of 6 BCM converter modules with the outputs all in series provide 4,242VDC isolation and exceptional efficiency of 97.9%. As is typical in any UAV, the space made available is limited and of irregular shape. The Vicor modular approach allows great flexibility in how to build a power delivery to fit within the platform.

Power Delivery Network for an electronic countermeasure
MIL-COTS High-Voltage BCM® Bus Converter

MIL-COTS BCM® バスコンバータモジュール

入力電圧: 200 – 400V, 400 – 700V, 500 – 800V

出力電流: 最大35A

効率: 最大98%

1.28 x 0.86 x 0.26in 他