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Aerospace and defense solutions

Battlefield success using unmanned electronic countermeasure systems

Today’s electronic battlefield relies heavily on UAV-based electronic warfare systems that help detect, assess and in some cases interdict enemy threats. It is vitally important to keep these systems as small and undetectable as possible for survivability. Vicor patented, high performance power modules provide the compact size, light weight and efficiency needed for UAVs to stay in the air longer making them the perfect over watch sentinels keeping our warfighters safe.

Radar affected by electronic countermeasure

The power delivery network

A stack of 6 BCM converter modules with the outputs all in series provide 4,242VDC isolation and exceptional efficiency of 97.9%. As is typical in any UAV, the space made available is limited and of irregular shape. The Vicor modular approach allows great flexibility in how to build a power delivery to fit within the platform.

Power Delivery Network for an electronic countermeasure
MIL-COTS High-Voltage BCM® Bus Converter

MIL-COTS BCM® bus converter modules

Input: 200 – 400V, 400 – 700V, 500 – 800V

Current: Up to 35A

Efficiency: Up to 98%

As small as 1.28 x 0.86 x 0.26in