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Increase performance, reduce development time and lower risk during your xEV design

You are involved with automotive manufacturing and will therefore have extremely aggressive goals towards vehicle electrification. There are enormous challenges and much pressure to overcome them.

Fortunately, the Vicor modular architecture for power delivery networks can help you overcome these challenges and more rapidly electrify your fleet.  

What’s it about?

This on-demand webinar reveals how this architecture reduces development time, risk and cost during your vehicle electrification by overcoming three key hurdles:

  • Reduce size and weight: Vicor power modules have greater power density than any other solution available today
  • Scalability and flexibility: Use a standard solution across all your platforms of every size
  • Reusability: Reuse Vicor modules for multiple platforms without need for expensive, time-consuming requalification

The Vicor modular approach to these three challenges can help you remain competitive for mild hybrids, hybrid-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles.

Who should watch?

Key decision makers, engineers and anyone concerned with accelerating vehicle electrification.

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