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UAV solutions

Media and entertainment UAVs

Like most drones, media and entertainment drones must carry heavy payloads and be able to stay in the air for as long as possible. Whether on a film set or at a live event, these drones must also be extremely safe and reliable, and they must be as compact as possible to avoid getting in the way of the show or the scene. They carry expensive camera and video equipment that can be interchanged to reconfigure the drone for different functions and venues. This requires providing power to a wide array of equipment, as well as sensors, gimbals, and high-speed communications so no shot is ever missed.

Media and entertainment UAVs

The power delivery network

Vicor zero-voltage switching (ZVS) Buck and Buck-Boost products are ideal for media and entertainment drones. They have wide input and output ranges and can be paralleled for high power applications. Vicor high-density modular power solutions not only consume minimal space, but they also help future proof drone power needs where flexibility is a key advantage.

Power Delivery Network for media and entertainment UAVs
ZVS buck family page

ZVS buck regulators

Inputs: 12V (8 – 18V), 24V (8 – 42V), 48V (30 – 60V)

Output: 2.2 – 16V 

Current: Up to 22A

Peak efficiency: Up to 98%

As small as 10.0 x 10.0 x 2.56mm  

ZVS buck-boost regulators

Input: 8 – 60V

Output: 10 – 54V

Power: Up to 150W continuous

Efficiency: Over 98%

10.5 x 14.5 x 3.05mm


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