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The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast features DPI UAV Systems tethered drone .

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The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast features DPI UAV Systems tethered drone

Powering Innovation podcast explores advances in tethered Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the importance of power modules to improve performance and reliability

Dragonfly Pictures (DPI) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Dragonfly Pictures (DPI) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

ANDOVER, MA, November 16, 2022 – The Powering Innovation podcast focuses on world-changing innovations, examining how electronics technologies can be applied to solve real-world challenges. The first episode in the series features DPI UAV Systems (DPI), a manufacturer of unmanned aerial s (UAV) systems.

This episode takes a deep dive into an Unmanned Multirotor Aerial Relay (UMAR) system and how DPI is extending communications range 3x with a new class of tethered UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). Joe Pawelczyk, Vice President of Operations at DPI, joins Robert Gendron, Vicor’s Corporate Vice President, Product Development, to discuss the cutting-edge technology driving change that addresses real-world problems. The episode examines the communication networks needed at sea as well as high-security communications, such as in military applications, and how DPI’s technology is far exceeding today’s standards. With drones that can fly up to 400 hours without needing to land, this episode highlights how DPI is taking innovation to new heights.

“The Powering Innovation podcast highlight some of the ways we collaborate with our customers to unleash innovative technologies using high density power modules. As we explore unique applications and how they are powered, we expect this episode to be of interest to power designers of unmanned aerial systems and really any engineer that is designing mobile applications where power density is a priority,” said Gendron.

Vicor’s Powering Innovation podcast is available with new episodes released several times per year. Listeners can expect to learn about new ideas in electrification, power challenges, creative power architectures, as well as supply chain issues, real-life challenges and more.

The Powering Innovation podcasts are available for download from all major podcast providers, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts and more.

About Vicor

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About Dragonfly Pictures (DPI)

DPI is an industry leader in the U.S. of small rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). We are recognized for our robust low-cost UAVs, their innovative rotorcraft design, our extensive testing knowledge, and successful UAV deployment. DPI UAVs are designed for tactical applications in near-earth environments, complex terrain, and restricted environments, such as urban, jungle and mountainous areas.

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