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World Congress Experience WCX 2022, April 5 – 7, 2022

For Immediate Release

World Congress Experience WCX 2022, April 5 – 7, 2022

Vicor to demonstrate how modular power delivers groundbreaking new gains for the future of electrification of xEV platforms.

WCX logo with date and time
WCX logo with date and time

Vicor will unveil three new approaches to power xEV electrification at the premiere global automotive engineering event, World Congress Experience (WCX™) in Detroit on April 5 – 7, 2022. Proven Vicor solutions use the highest density power modules and power architectures that can deliver up to a 50% reduction in power losses.

Addressing three top electrification topics, Vicor presentations offer innovative solutions that save packaging space and weight, and that provide power-design ease and flexibility.

Vicor will present at three WCX sessions

Eliminating the 12V battery with use of Sine Amplitude Converter modules to create 12V power from the high voltage vehicle battery

Presented by Patrick Kowalyk
Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer, Vicor
April 5, @10:30am, Room 140B, session PFL710

An inventive power architecture that replaces the 12V battery with a “virtual battery,” saving space and weight and replacing legacy technology.

Patrick Kowalyk has been solving power delivery issues for over 20 years with Vicor’s innovative, high power, high density and high efficiency solutions.  Patrick is the lead Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer for Vicor in North America, helping power engineers architect new Automotive power delivery systems. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.


Using Miniaturized Power Modules to Reduce the Weight and Volume of the Power Electronics

Presented by Greg Green
Director, Automotive Customer Programs, Vicor
April 6, @10:30am, Room 140C, session PFL740

Power‑dense modules combined with innovative power architectures deliver unprecedented design flexibility, scalability and space-savings for xEV development.

Greg Green is the Director of Automotive Customer Programs at Vicor Corporation. He has over 33 years of experience in the automotive industry, spanning across manufacturing, design engineering and product line management with OEM’s, and Tier 1 suppliers. Greg’s auto industry experience includes manufacturing, product development, and business development. Greg holds a B.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, and an M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University.


Creating Compatibility between Level 3 DC Fast Chargers and Vehicle Batteries with an On-board Conversion Module

Presented by: Haris Muhedinovic
Automotive Senior Field Applications Engineer, Vicor
April 7, @9:30am, Room 260, session AE600

Higher-voltage primary batteries (800V) create a 400V charging station incompatibility that can be solved with onboard charging using compact, efficient and bidirectional power modules.

Haris Muhedinovic works with OEMs and TIERs to design and develop highest performance power solutions for most demanding automotive applications. With his interest in power electronics and electronics systems, Haris is aware of new technologies and trends in industry, which allows him to implement power solutions to meet the most demanding specifications. Haris received his MSc from the University of Sarajevo and has 7 years of experience in power electronics in design and application engineering.

About WCX

The WCX™ World Congress Experience is where the engineering community convenes on mobility’s biggest hurdles from mass deployment of electric vehicles to developmental timelines for autonomous vehicles to understating of global supply chain constraints impacting the automotive industry. World Congress Experience is an event of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Meet with Vicor at WCX 2022

To set up a meeting with Vicor at the show, please contact Patrick Wadden.

About Vicor

Vicor Corporation, the leader in high-performance power modules, solves the toughest power challenges for our customers, enabling them to innovate and maximize system performance. Our easy-to-deploy power modules provide the highest density and efficiency enabling advanced power delivery networks from the power source to the point of load. Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Vicor serves customers worldwide with unequaled power conversion and power delivery technologies.

Vicor is a registered trademark of Vicor Corporation.

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