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Vicor expands high voltage Bus Converter Family with new K=1/16, 384VDC – 24VDC in a ChiP package

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Vicor expands high voltage Bus Converter Family with new K=1/16, 384 – 24VDC in a ChiP package

May 10, 2017

Summary: The new BCM6123TD1E2663Txx is a high-density, high-efficiency, fixed ratio DC-DC converter module in a ChiP package, which operates from a 384VDC nominal input and delivers an isolated and Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 24V secondary output. The new BCM 6123 ChiP is offered in a through-hole form factor measuring 61mm x 23mm x 7.26mm.

The introduction of the new BCM6123TD1E2663Txx expands Vicor’s family of high voltage bus converters to include K=1/8 (384 – 48VNOM), K=1/32 (384 – 12VNOM), and the new K=1/16 (384 – 24VNOM) highlighted in the below table:

Announced today and existing:

Part Number Package[a] K-Factor Nominal Input
Voltage Range
Nominal Output Voltage
Current (A) Peak Efficiency
BCM6123TD1E1368Txx 6123 ChiP 1/32 384 260 – 410 12 8.1– 12.8 68 97.4
BCM6123TD1E13A3Txx 6123 ChiP 1/32 384 260 – 410 12 8.1– 12.8 125 97.4
BCM6123TD1E2663Txx 6123 ChiP 1/16 384 260 – 410 24 16.3 – 25.6 62.5 97.4
BCM6123TD1E5117Txx 6123 ChiP 1/8 384 260 – 410 48 32.5 – 51.3 16.9 97.7
BCM6123TD1E5126Txx 6123 ChiP 1/8 384 260 – 410 48 32.5 – 51.3 25.7 97.9
BCM6123TD1E5135Txx 6123 ChiP 1/8 384 260 – 410 48 32.5 – 51.3 35 98

Table 1 – Items in green are newly released, others were previously announced.

[a] These are offered in a through-hole form factor

Targeting industrial, telecom, and lighting applications, Vicor’s family of high voltage bus converters give system designers a simple and cost effective means to create common bus voltages of 12V, 24V, and 48V directly from 384VDC.

Based on the patented Sine-Amplitude Converter topology, high voltage BCM ChiPs are able to reach peak efficiencies of 98% and achieve power densities up to 2400W/in³. These flexible modules can be easily paralleled into high power arrays and outputs can be put in series to achieve higher VOUT. In addition, the high voltage BCMs are offered with either analog or digital signal interface and all have an operating temperature range of -40˚ to 100˚C.

Since all Vicor BCMs are bi-directional, designers have the opportunity to incorporate this unique feature in new designs to enhance system functionality.

Lastly, high voltage BCMs allow designers to reduce the amount of bulk capacitance needed at the load by utilizing the Sine-Amplitude Converter’s low AC impedance relative to the down-stream regulator, effectively ‘reflecting’ the capacitance across the module.

With the new K=1/16 model, 500 µF of 24V point-of-load capacitance can be effectively provided by 2 µF on the module’s primary side.

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