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The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast explores electric aircraft with Ampaire.

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The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast explores electric aircraft with Ampaire

This new episode of the Vicor Powering Innovation podcast uncovers the challenges of electrified aircraft and marks the runway for future commercialized flights

December 13, 2022
Ampaire plane image
Ampaire plane image

Andover, MA, December 13, 2022 – Vicor today announced the release of episode #3 in its podcast series on world-changing technologies, Powering Innovation. This episode examines the growth, challenges and benefits of electrifying aircrafts and hybrid-electric planes.

In this third installment of Powering Innovation, Robert Gendron of Vicor talks to Ed Lovelace, Chief Technology Officer of Ampaire, about electrified aircraft, from the use of short haul cargo flights to supersonic transport methods. Ampaire is a global leader in aircraft electrification and has won awards for aeronautical innovation and environmental sustainability. In this episode, Robert and Ed examine the power requirements of a fully electrified aircraft and try to imagine a path for commercialized aircraft to transition to cleaner, electric power.

“This episode highlights electric aircraft opportunities which is often overshadowed by today’s electric vehicle advancements,” said Gendron. “Ed lends a lot of insight and credibility from Ampaire’s success about what really goes into designing new hybrid aircraft. There are many considerations from a power electronics perspective. We are very proud that Vicor modules, with higher density and lighter weight, can support this type of world-changing application.”

The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast is available with new episodes released monthly. Listeners can learn about new ideas in electrification, unique power challenges, creative power architectures and topologies, as well as innovative solutions leveraging power modules.

The Powering Innovation podcasts are available to download from all major podcast providers, including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts, and more.

About Vicor

For over 40 years, Vicor has provided best-in-class, high-density power modules from its automated manufacturing operations in Andover, MA. Vicor Andover facilities have recently been expanded to include the first vertically integrated ChiP™ fab designed to support a new era of power module performance and scalability.

Vicor leadership in high-performance power-conversion topologies and high-efficiency power distribution architectures enables customers to achieve superior products with scalable, modular power system solutions from source to point-of-load. Vicor serves customers in enterprise and high-performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, robotics, UAVs, electric vehicles and transportation, satellites, and aerospace and defense.

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About Ampaire

We’re revolutionizing aviation with electric power. Our flight plan for today, tomorrow, and beyond allows us to deliver electrified aircraft to airlines, manufacturers, and other customers far sooner. In doing so, we gain essential experience toward the development of clean-sheet aircraft designs, leveraging technological advances, and following the fastest, most reliable path to industry adoption.

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