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Vicor to present modular power conversion solutions for 48V Zonal Architectures at WCX 2024.

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Vicor to present modular power conversion solutions for 48V Zonal Architectures at WCX 2024

High-density, 800V and 48V scalable power modules solve electrification power conversion challenges

WCX 2024 logo
WCX 2024 logo

Andover, MA, April 2, 2024 – As the automotive industry moves toward 48V zonal architectures, power system design engineers are looking for new high voltage power conversion solutions that have leading power density, weight and scalability attributes.

Vicor will be presenting five papers at World Congress Experience 2024 (WCX™) in Detroit on April 16 – 18, detailing its innovative approach to 800V and 48V power conversion using new high-density, scalable power modules with proprietary topologies and innovative packaging.
The Vicor papers are:

  • Achieving EM conducted emission compliance for high-voltage conversion with switching frequency above 1.3MHz
    Presented by: Nicola Rosano, Sr. Strategic System Engineer, EMEA
  • Designing 48V zonal architecture that keeps the high voltage inside the BEV battery pack  
    Presented by: YK Choi, Sr. Field Application Engineer, Vicor, APAC
    Kang YoungJae, Chief Engineer, INFAC
  • Eliminating the high-voltage precharge with existing hardware in BEV
    Presented by: Patrick Kowalyk Automotive, Principal Field Application Engineer, North America
  • Migrating to 48V with high efficiency, power density and efficient system cost
    Presented by: Patrick Wadden, Global VP, Automotive Business Unit
  • The uncertain future of aftermarket loads in a 48V world  
    Presented by: David McChesney, Strategic Account Manager, North America

Visit us at WCX 2024 and learn more about the Vicor presentations.


Reduced size and weight are necessary for next generation xEV platforms to transition to a 48V bus. Vicor modules provide the highest power density and most efficient power distribution for EVs. They are essential to achieving the highest performance 48V zonal architecture.

About Vicor

Vicor is the leader in high-performance power modules, enabling customer innovation with easy-to-deploy modular power system solutions for power delivery networks that provide the highest density and efficiency from source to point-of-load.  We continuously advance the density, efficiency and power delivery capabilities of our power modules by staying on the forefront of distribution architectures, conversion topologies and packaging technology. Vicor serves customers in high-performance computing, industrial equipment, automotive and aerospace and defense markets. With over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing power modules for demanding markets, the Vicor patented, high-frequency DC-DC power conversion technology is ideally suited for the automotive market.

Vicor is a registered trademark of Vicor Corporation.

About WCX

The WCX™ World Congress Experience is where the engineering community convenes on mobility’s biggest hurdles from mass deployment of electric vehicles to developmental timelines for autonomous vehicles to understating of global supply chain constraints impacting the automotive industry. World Congress Experience is an event of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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