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PI3305-00-LGIZ | ZVS Buck Regulator | Vicor

PI3305-00-LGIZ in the product family

ZVS Buck Regulator

10x14 LGA-SIP
0.5512 x 0.3937 x 0.1001in / 14.0 x 10.0 x 2.56mm
PI3305-00-LGIZ in the product family

ZVS Buck Regulator

Input Voltage 24V
Output Voltage 15V
Iout Max 8A
10x14 LGA-SIP
0.5512 x 0.3937 x 0.1001in / 14.0 x 10.0 x 2.56mm
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Product Features

Product features

  • Wide Operating Range
  • 12 Vin optimized (8–18 V) and Wide Vin (8–36 V)
  • Wide Vout (1 - 16 V)
  • -40C - LGIZ models -55C - LGMZ models
  • Simple to Use; Fast Development Time
  • Internal compensation - few external components
  • No additional design or additional settings required
  • High Efficiency
  • >96% peak 24 Vin to 12 Vout
  • >95% peak 12 Vin to 5 Vout
  • Light load and full load high efficiency performance
  • Flexible and Rich Feature Set
  • Frequency synchronization
  • User adjustable soft-start & tracking
  • Common High Density Packaging Platform
  • High Efficiency HV ZVS-Buck Topology
  • Wide input voltage range of 36V to 60V
  • Very-Fast transient response
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Constant current error amplifier and reference
  • Paralleling and single wire current sharing
  • Two phase interleaving
  • Input Over/Under Voltage Lockout (OVLO/UVLO)
  • Output Overvoltage Protection (OVP)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

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